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Some Random Saturday Night Notes

*  Ariana wants someone to pay me to edit a magazine so I don’t spend all day filling her email inbox with pointless ruminations about making a magazine.  (I have this sort of proto-Alzheimers where I forget for hours or even days at a time that I can’t fund or resource a magazine, and end up daydreaming about the idea for extended periods before going oh shit.)

*  Very saddened to hear of what I hope is simply an extended hiatus for DODGEM LOGIC.  I admit to finding the first couple of issues pretty unreadable, but I loved that Alan was doing it, and I believe there’s a place for it in the world.

*  I just filed the script for my third issue of SECRET AVENGERS with Marvel.  I believe that’s issue 18 in the run?  So I’m still ahead.  Just about.  In fact, a little better than that, because I put out the first five-page section for the artist about ten days ago (three pages of lead-up to a hellish double-page-spread that will probably kill him.  I intend to leave six dead artists behind me on this book.  McKelvie’s already a drooling cabbage after his issue.  As anyone who met him at TCAF today can doubtless attest).

*  While I was doing that, Molly Crabapple was working on a poster for EFF and The Tor Project, and here’s a peek at the piece in progress:

*  As ever, if you want to send me tips, links, information, pictures or other interesting things, my public “dump” email address is, which gets checked once a day or so.

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