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Social Networks I Still Seem To Be On (bloody useless
though it is)

Just discovered I’m still here:

(People keep asking about this one: someone gave me a free trial account for Suicide Girls, I didn’t keep it up once it expired, and I understand people on the groups there have been asking after me. So that’s the whole thing.) — May start using this one more in the coming week. I have an idea. (beats me, just noticed I had an invite in April) (?)

(Gave up many moons ago on the likes of Imeem, Friendster, Tribe. Does anyone use Tribe anymore? Such a good idea, so fucked up. Gave up on Multiply, Hi5 — only got a Xanga page because someone was reproducing my writing as their own on that site. In fact, the reason I establish a presence on so many of these systems is to ensure it’s hard for someone there to impersonate me…!)

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