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Silver AJ’s Nails

SIlver AJ says:

The binary even spells out “SilverAJ”… Those of you in London who want wicked custom nail designs can get in touch with him – he’s Viet at Perfect Nails, 126 Hoe Street, Walthamstow (0208 520 3113). It’s best to make an appointment – they get mega busy, especially at weekends! It’s normally around £25, but something intricate like this could be up to £30.

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  1. Binary manicure
    This is so 0111001101110111011001010110010101110100. Spells the bearer’s name in binary code. Link (via Warren)…

  2. i am not a number! i am, rather, a series of numbers, painted across my fingernails
    This comes from Warren Ellis’ blog (which I am stunned to realize wasn’t in my RSS subscriptions until about 42…

  3. Ones and Zeroes

    Note for the uninformed: The above is in binary. To translate it, click here.

    Thanks, Warren…

  4. Binary Nails
    I want these very badly. Too bad I don’t live in the UK. There are about a million nail salons competing in Los Angeles, however. I bet I could find one to do something like that.
    Time to fire up the printer.

  5. Binary Nails
    Binary Nails. Looks like something straight out of “Snow Crash”…

  6. When these fingers do the talking, they say "I’m 133t!"

  7. Binary nail art
    If I was the sort of person who wears nail polish regularly, I would totally go for something like this

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    Star Wars: “LucasArts has released limited-edition airsickness bags to promote the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Video Game.” How utterly, utterly appropriate. (tags: funny as.hell scifi cool) WGN Weather Weblog: “For th…

  9. Manucure binaire
    Juste parce que c’est marrant. Trouvé sur le blog de Warren Ellis, la première manucure en binaire, pour filles geeks absolues…!…

  10. Mode

    Es gibt auch weibliche Computerfeax

    Siehe auch: Doppelnutzen

  11. Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted…
    I’m getting ready for a concert, so this is going to be REALLY short! I’ll add more stuff when I get back tonight. So check back around 1AM for more content. Aiight? :) I’m back from the concert! Obviously, the…

  12. A 1337 Manicure
    I’ve never really been a big fan of nail art, seeing absolutely no need to waste money on having someone attach ridiculously thick pieces of plastic to your nailbeds with intricate designs airbrushed on them. However, binary nails? I…

  13. 素晴らしき人生かな?
     本田さんのエントリを見て「へー。Playstation 3ってスゲー」って今さらながらに思ったのだが、よくよく思い出すと、Playstation 3関連についてこれまでまともにニュース

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  15. Geek Manicure
    If I were a bit more feminine and was going to do my nails, I’d do them something like this. Link via BB….

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  23. […] Conoscevo già Warren Ellis come autore di fumetti, dando un’occhiata al suo sito ho trovato questa manicure un po’ particolare segnalata anche da SKY TG24 […]

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  25. […] want these! (the geek in me finally emerges to check these out and dream about how cool i’d be with binary nails… man, i’d rock!)man… i just bought a weight belt from delilah. i’m officially out of […]

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