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Side-Effect City

My bones hurt.

Peeling the skin back from my eyes triggered my wire. The lower left edge of my vision sparkled/scrolled up my crew’s names and locations. The bad chime sounded in my inner ear. Jessica’s name went black in the menu. She’d died in the night.

I switched my wire status to Busy/refocussed on the ceiling. It was pointless calling Jessica’s girlfriend. She was an addict who’d rejected meme surgery/ had an algae factory implanted in her brain to dripfeed her opiate replacements. Jessica’s girlfriend moved on plant time. She wouldn’t notice Jessica was dead for a day or two.

I wondered if they were in bed together.

K was awake. I could see it on the wire. She was laying on her belly on the floor, among the clothes and straps and toys, her eyes closed as if communing. Her lids, sooty with last night’s makeup, opened slowly/laid orange eyes on me.

Just another day in Side-Effect City, she murmured.

(Fragment, 2004)

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