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  1. […] WARREN ELLIS “[writer of] comic books and graphic novels, videogames, animation, books, screenplays, tv and anything else he can steal money for,” was cool enough to get these from a friend of a friend. They’re a shot of the Space Shuttle lifting off as seen from the International Space Station […]

  2. […] Peer hard. It’s the space shuttle on its way up as photographed from the space station. See, once you’ve spotted it, the tininess of that little ship? Warren Ellis received several of photos like this from a friend—the man has amazing friends!—and you can see them on this page. (Ignore yucky blog title, I think he’s trying to channel George Carlin and doesn’t need to. Or, what the hell, maybe he likes yucky. I was about to say, It’s a free country, but that’s a discussion for another day.) (Makes it a little harder for me to wax poetic about that which these photographs bestir.) […]

  3. Henriok Henriok

    These are not pictures taken from the International Space Station as it flew over Europa at the time of launch. These pictures are taken from an airliner bound for South America.

  4. […] 这是我在Warren Ellis的博克上看到的两张照片。照片中阿特兰蒂斯号航天飞机(Atlantis Space Shuttle)刚刚从位于佛罗里达的肯尼迪中心发射,正在飞向与国际空间站对接的旅途中。我曾经写过一篇“观赏对接中的阿特兰蒂斯号航天飞机和国际空间站”,介绍如何在地面上观看。这两张照片提供了从观测的另一个角度。照片中航天飞机的发射轨道(trajectory)非常清晰,很有意思。 […]

  5. A shame…

    Its a shame, all these people on the Internet think this stunning image taken of a Space Shuttle launch was taken from the Space Station. It was actually taken by one of the space program’s high altitude research plane. It……

  6. […] picture for saying “Hello” to the world. I got this picture from a friend, but can get here the original. I made some changes in the picture, but I like very much the original one. At the […]

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