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Shipping Broken

As a coda to the previous post, Jamais Cascio notes how the touchscreen generation interacts with a Kindle:

They try to "turn the page" by flicking a finger across the screen. But the Kindle doesn’t have a touch screen….Which means that the second thing that people checking out my Kindle do is get a funny confused look — why doesn’t it work?…

I did exactly the same thing the first time I handled one, funnily enough. I’m not iPhone-entrained, I’m Palm-entrained…

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  1. Weird thing is, Sony Reader 700 has a touchscreen, yet I prefer to use buttons. Even reading Mobi on my LifeDrive, I use the buttons. With iPhone, always the screen.

  2. ::waves cane, mutters something about “Newton trained,” rest unintelligible::

  3. Rey Rey

    The iRex Digital Reader has a Wacom Penabled touch screen.

  4. Chris Chris

    This is a case where the tech needs to mature just a little bit more. When you combine a touchscreen with an epaper display, like on Sony’s 700, you get horrible glare that makes it harder to read. Since reading is the primary purpose of the device, I think Amazon did right by waiting on this.

  5. Daniel Daniel

    Seems like a sucker’s game to me. The touch screen doesn’t do anything particularly functionally better than analogue buttons, and in some ways (durability, power drain) it’s actually quite a bit worse.

    On the Kindle in particular, those butttons are on the side of the device so that you can hold it in one position while turning pages. Making it into a touchscreen device would make it bulky and anti-kinaesthetic.

    On a side note, I tend to be mystified by tech editor reviews of the Kindle. It’s like they’re trying to review a completely different object, like a jetpack or an octopus. They make bizarre demands of the technology, and just don’t seem to read enough to understand why the thing is so revolutionary. It’s not perfect technology by any means, but making it more like an I-phone is really missing the point.

  6. bob bob

    God I wish I was part of the generation that can afford all this stuff.

  7. Rey Rey

    They need to work out color displays before they tackle touch screen, anyhow.

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