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Shannon Larratt Leaves ModBlog/BME

The online bodymodification-reportage pioneer Shannon Larratt has now permanently left BME, the sprawling web presence he founded and figureheaded. This follows a protracted legal difficulty between him and ex-wife Rachel Larratt. He notes:

I will no longer be writing online about body modification

Which suggest the terms of the settlement include a non-compete clause. Rachel says

First of all, Shannon Larratt will no longer be an employee of BME, and has
willfully relinquished his interest in our site to me — we were co-owners of
BME, and I am now the sole owner. We truly believe this was in the best interest
of both parties, and this was a decision to which Shannon and I both agreed.
There was no force, no coercion — nothing of the sort.

Shannon, however, in the preceding post, said:

After a personally difficult legal dispute over BME, I’ve had to face the
potentially insurmountable reality of being massively in debt, and I have chosen
to transfer the business to Rachel (the details of this deal are sealed, so
please don’t ask).

Making it fairly clear what brought the settlement to its conclusion.

While Shannon was and is plainly crazier than a snake-fucking rabbit, it was his great skill, love and humour that glued BME together and made ModBlog such a riveting (and sometimes purely revelatory) daily read. Rachel is clearly committed to BME, but has never shown the same facility as a writer as Shannon. It’ll be interesting to see her next moves.

I’m wishing Shannon the best of luck in his next venture, of course.

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  1. The Libertine The Libertine

    I love how that keeps coming up. Frankly, virtuousic quasi-celebrity webmasters invariably seem to end up holding strange political opinions. Without leaning too heavily on what’ll sound like innuendo, I love that it’s usually right-wing views that get them noticed.

    To wit:
    Drew Curtis is crazy!conservative.
    Lowtax is essentially a proto-fascist.
    I knew there was someone else, too…

  2. The Libertine The Libertine

    Oh, it came back to me:

    I periodically hear noise down the pike about the unsavory politics of Sean Suhl. Nothing creditable, but noises.

  3. That is the true heart of Western Capitalism – sue your opponent into the ground, until their forced to either sell, or die.


  4. Wonderful. Please, do not miss the sarcasm of that word.

    I started writing about the whole BME thing on my blog when they ended up taking the site down because of “tech problems,” which in all honesty came across as more of a, “Hey, we want to make sure Shannon can’t be heard,” sort of thing.

    There was a link to your post today from my stats. I have been trying to stay away from BME since Shannon hasn’t been a huge part of it since then. Now, that he isn’t a part of it anymore, I can’t image how many people that are very devoted to him will be leaving.

    Honestly, the way I found this link was a link from Google search: “I hate Racheal Larratt.”

  5. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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