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Secrets Of The Witching Hour

The new album by The Crimea, available for free download at this link. They made it free after being dropped by their record label. Frankly, only the last track has the swagger, scale and invention that I originally associated with them upon hearing the first version of their “White Russian Galaxy” in 2003. I have a theory that every band has one single great song in them, and I suspect that, for The Crimea, “White Russian Galaxy” might be it. I need to give this album a few more listens. Go and download it. But listen to the Psychomodo-style riff and stomp of one of the great lost pop songs of the 2000s, while you’re at it:

“White Russian Galaxy” – The Crimea

(2003 CD single – mp3 for review purposes only, removed in 7 days)

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  1. The album is definitely worth a few more listens. ‘Wierd’ (sic… a tagging error?) works for me.

  2. “I was just a has-been, gone there, done that, got the t-shirt. / She laughed when I told her I was seriously hurt.”
    Like WRG, maybe the older version (home recording often seems to encourage creativity) but BSC’d be my one pick.
    Funny how the really old tracks tend to be people’s favourites…

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