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So I’d been talking about newspaper strips, and an idea that amused me: to lay a daily single-panel strip down on the website.  I mean, I’d been talking about various options, but that one did kind of make me smile.  And then Jason Howard, a frequent collaborator with Robert Kirkman, emailed and said “I could fancy that.”  So we got to talking, and discovered that certain musics and certain kinds of science fiction were mutual pleasures, guilty and otherwise.  And we came up with SCATTERLANDS.  A largely improvised comic strip that will run here Mondays to Fridays, one panel a day.  We’ll take a short break every four or five weeks, at which point we’ll run a digest of that block of panels somewhere or other (we have no serious plans in this direction beyond the intent, and are basically making shit up as we go along).  But here they will be daily and free.

Just a bit of fun, as they say.

(So much so that I’m tempted to do a second and bookend each weekday with a panel.)

And with some terrific cartooning by Jason, whom I suspect will regularly surprise the people who believe they know his work.

You can find Jason on Twiiter as @thejasonhoward.

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