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one site, five writers, five weekdays (five RSS feeds). every day each writer posts something new – either a piece of a serial, or a short fiction, or an article. Under 500 words, ideally (probably 100-200 words is the ideal), but whatever. Each writer is therefore, yes, generating content for free – but each writer’s sequence goes POD-book when it’s generated enough words, the spine and back of the book also bearing the ROTOR mark. And then start again. Or bail out and free up a slot for another writer, whatever.

(tumblr version of same: one writer, one illustrator, one photographer, one musician, one video/filmmaker = five slots = one POD DVD every six months or whenever)

#thinkingoutloud (nothing I’ll ever have the time to do, so I throw it out into the wild)

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  1. Not a bad idea, really. No actual distro cost but still available in hardcopy if wanted (or in case of the apocalyptic destruction of the internet.)

    I’d be interested in working on the multimedia version of such a project, since just one thing (writing in your above example) would feel too constrictive to me.

    Would the POD book be sequenced with each writer in a section, one book per writer, or in the same feed order, with the creatives playing off each other as the view what is going on around them?

  2. Sounds like a pretty good idea. I’m not sure I’d be able to write that regularly, but I’d be willing to give it a go if someone’s interested in doing a trial and error or something?

  3. AllMadHere AllMadHere

    I’d be willing to give it a go, i geuss

  4. Brent Millis Brent Millis

    I’m up for it. 500 words or less once a week? No problem. Already doing that.

  5. peter kelly peter kelly

    The video part interests me the most….would likely be hard to pull off on a weekly basis, but I would very much like to try, and I know a broadcaster that would be very interested in it.

  6. Someone start it on That way it is free, hosted, and can be linked to a dedicated domain later if desired. It can be moved later if it takes off, and if it dies on the vine, it can be a grand experiment.

  7. Yes. Let’s get this started, please and thank you.

  8. Didn’t see the link above me. Oops.

  9. We’ve got ORROT.ORG now, though it’s going to take a bit to show, since that allows me to use my hosting for the wordpress software. That way we can customize the design as much as we want and have a LOT more room for hosting pictures and other content (8359 GB of bandwidth and 412.3 GB of file hosting. This is only costing me 10 bucks a month, which I’m already paying, so 10 dollars a year to try a new project isn’t really a big deal)

    I’ll let you guys know when it’s up and you can log in. For now, the current .wordpress will work.

  10. BTW, even for multimedia, the POD book idea is still viable – videos can be represented by a transcript and script, sound by soundwave image. It’s not perfect at all, but allows free use of the medium while still showing something in the book form.

    Artists have to figure out a way to put their multimedia work in book form all the time, for catalogs, etc, and I’m sure it’s possible to make something interesting of it.

  11. is live. We currently have three users. Email me ( or Fritz ( to be added.

    We’ll start off trying to each post one day a week. Users who don’t post at all or only repost without creating new interesting content will be trimmed. That seems reasonable, right?

    I assume that until we get into a good rhythm, everyone posting once a day might be a bit much for most people, especially since we all have other projects. Also, the first POD book will probably require a good deal of editing and re-sequencing to be an enjoyable read, which I don’t really mind, though getting to a point where a group could chronologically create a book sequence with little for-planning would be pretty impressive.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/etc welcome.

  12. @Ian –

    Great job.

    Check out the P2 theme from, soon to go live for “.org” self-hosted. Minimalist, frontend posting, and it generates feeds for each tag, which could be used for authors. You can see it in action here as a strict demo:

    The tags as feed is an interesting application.

    Can’t wait to see how the shape of this unfolds.

  13. @ Fritz

    Sorry, and great job to you as well.

  14. P2 looks like a forum thread there. I can’t tell which is the original content?

  15. @ Ian –

    Good point. It’s originally designed for microblogging. It has some nice functionality, but the main point was the rss feeds. Perhaps there is a good wordpress plugin that will do the trick.

    Like this, perhaps:

    I guess I should stop doing this on Mr. Ellis’ space.

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  17. eric eric

    a group of us have tried this for the last half year or more.

    very rough, none of us were really sure how to do it in the first place but we’ve tried to stick with it over the last two semesters.

  18. I would LOVE to be involved in any capacity I can. Please contact me!

  19. Sounds like fun. I’m in if you’ll have me.

  20. […] from another Tumlbr page, 5lights.  5lights was a lot of artists working on Warren Ellis’ ROTOR project idea.  Really cool text pieces, great looking art, lots of naked women in it’s last […]

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