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REMAKE/REMODEL: The Thirteenth Doctor

Every week at my message board, I set artists a redesign challenge. Because artists need to be tormented. This week, I said this to them:

A Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before dying. Thirteen incarnations in all.

Design the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor.

You may additionally redesign the DOCTOR WHO logo, the TARDIS and other elements of the property should you so wish.

And then Ben Templesmith sort of committed an airstrike:


The good Doctor is now in a vague military type jacket with a T-shirt underneath, that ideally changes logo/style each episode, showing off something cool and British or, I don’t know, Sciency.

And he’s addicted to sucking on lollipops.

K9 is now a know-it-all cyborg Pomeranian.

The Thirteenth Doctor Remake/Remodel runs until Sunday.

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  1. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    Holy crap, that’s beautiful!

  2. Fucking brilliant. Someone give that man a shitload of money, drugs, hookers, whatever.

  3. Ginny Ginny

    Doctor Who meets Kojak? And really, there is never an excuse for tiny yappy dogs. :P

  4. Holy shit! Warren, you must make this real. You have a script, right?

  5. Perra Dox Perra Dox

    If I’m not mistaken his 13th and last regeneration is supposed to be Merlin to some other dimensional Arthurian knights, I think this redesign would work extremely good for that as well.

    The Green Wizard-Doctor who had J.R.R. Tolkien promise after their adventures not to ever use a green wizard in one of his books.

    Another thing I just realized somewhat annoys me, why are medicine-men often called witch-doctor instead of wizard-doctor. I really need a drink…

  6. lee lee

    Awesome. The mod t-shirt should be a long term thing though (or more modness in any form.)

  7. Perra Dox Perra Dox

    And Ginny, how about…a tiny yappy dog with frickin’ lasers installed in its eye sockets?

  8. AM AM

    That’s not just any “vague military type jacket”. Combined with the roundel T-shirt and the rest of the look, it adds up to the Doctor-as-Mod. Will the Tardis turn into a Vespa?

    For those to whom this means nothing, see:

  9. zibblebibbles zibblebibbles

    The Doctor in a vaguely military jacket, with a simple T-shirt underneath?

    Hi, Christopher Eccleston.

  10. This is insanely good, Ben Templesmith is so fucking awesome (and so are you Mr Ellis!)

  11. Winter Winter

    Kudos to the man for creating a fascinating 13th Doctor, but I’d like to beat him with an oar for the cyber-Pom.

  12. Perra Dox Perra Dox

    talking about cyber-porn, anyone else would like to see Doctor team-up with/battle/snog Shade the changing man?

    Battle-Snog! on a t-shirt?

  13. Perra Dox Perra Dox

    Btw, if you ever visit Sweden, Krigshångla is a good word to know.

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