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Once every week or so on my message board, I run a game for the artists. I name some ancient comics or pulp character, and tell them to reinvent it for the 21st Century. This week, I called out Black Orchid (the original character from 1944 rather than the semi-recent DC character), which has the following entry on a public-domain characters website:

Glamorous Diana Dawn, district attorney Richard Day’s secretary, is – unbeknownst to him – masquerading as the mysterious female sleuth the Black Orchid. She solves crimes with the aid of a magic ring which contains "black gas" that knocks out her opponents. In her first adventure, Black Orchid takes on Doctor Arso to regain some stolen surgical papers, and she fights zombies, too.

When we’re lucky, comics artists come and play. This week so far, we’ve been very lucky. Take a look.

Y THE LAST MAN artist Pia Guerra:


My old mate Ben Templesmith:


LOCAL artist Ryan Kelly:


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  1. thats awesome, well played gentlemen.

  2. Baelzabub Baelzabub

    They are all amazing… but Templesmith is a comics god. Wormwood is the best.

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