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RED Director? You May Very Well Think That, But I Couldn’t Possibly Comment

From The Hollywood Reporter this morning:

Robert Schwentke is painting the screen "Red."

The director of "The Time Traveler’s Wife," who has been flirting with a number of projects, is in negotiations to take the reins of the Summit Entertainment thriller, starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. Erich and Jon Hoeber wrote the screenplay, which is based on the WildStorm/DC Comic.

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  1. Stig Stig

    Hope not. “Time Traveller’s Wife” is basically a near-pedophilic ripoff/pisstake/riptake of “Tom’s Midnight Garden”.

  2. eric eric

    Perhaps Ellis will take the reigns in a moment of drunken rage during filming, kind of like a celebrity shot during Beirut. The near-pedophilic ripoff/pisstake/tom gardening would still be in there, but maybe we might get a Spider cameo out of it. Especially having remembered that Patrick Stewart was going to play Jerusalem at some point or other in the past.

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