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RED: 22 October 2010

Variety says:

Summit Entertainment has set Oct. 22 as the release date for "Red," its espionage thriller starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren.

Red," based on the WildStorm/DC comicbook…

…because apparently reading the names on the spine is hard work.

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  1. Tanzim Tanzim

    Awesome news! I love Freeman. I hope they can keep the pacing of the book, which was just breathtaking.

  2. ::facepalm::

    I think they just fear the wise and terrible Internet Jesus. Or should fear a furniture leg of truth of some sort. I don’t know, it’s fucking early here.

  3. You, dear Mr. Ellis, deserve to get more love from them journalist/marketing creatures.

  4. The thousands of us who have read about this on this site or Whitechapel know better.

    (Makes me think of Charlie Brooker’s article on videogames and traditional media coverage. Replace video games with comic books and it’s the same thing. At least you’re not human and thus have no feelings on the matter.)

  5. Drax Drax

    Oh, I’d be bullshit.

  6. Dave K. Dave K.

    With Sean Connery as captain of the Soviet ballistic missile submarine “Red.”

  7. Well, left a comment to the effect, so at least that would be there. Maybe they’ll issue a correction/addendum?

  8. Richard- Richard-

    It’s variety, they have not heard of Warren Ellis, yet.

    Perhaps some form of education can be visited upon them.

  9. Naimh Naimh

    I’d bet they just assume it has had a dozen or so writers/artists behind it like other comics that have been made into movies.

  10. Bilderborg Bilderborg

    It will never be nearly as good as the comic…
    ¬°We demand a Transmetropolitan TV show staring Obama as the smiler!

  11. QAlchemist QAlchemist

    No, not even Obama could smile that much.

    Only ONE MAN can smile that much.


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