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Received Goods: MIRO Notebooks

Sent to me for review by MIRO themselves, because, I suspect, it’s well known that I go through a lot of notebooks.  Their new line comes in two flavours – Wood, on the far left and right, and Felt, in the middle.  The wood covers, while thin and flexible, feel fairly robust, though I confess I don’t want to test them to destruction, as they are quite beautiful.

These arrived today, and just in time.  There are some projects that I prefer to work out in a larger notebook, and a couple of those projects just surfaced.  So at least one of these books (or, at least, one of the two I have left after my daughter steals two) will be immediately pressed into service.  And, therefore, I’ll be writing at a later date about how well they hold up.

You can find them at or @remembermiro.

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