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Re-Covering NEW WORLDS

So the art challenge on Whitechapel this week was to (re)invent a cover for the old sf magazine NEW WORLDS, to wit:

You are an artist/designer.

You have to put together the cover for #223 of something called NEW WORLDS.

You have been told that NEW WORLDS is the most groundbreaking, forward-looking, ambitious and original science fiction magazine in the world.

And that’s it.

A little background: NEW WORLDS was in fact all those things… in the late 60s and early 70s. Its last issue, #222, came out in 1997.A visual history of publication.It was hugely important, made all kinds of new connections andbroke all kinds of rules.

So it’s your job to imagine the kind of cover that that kind of magazine might have today.

Which probably wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. I like abusing these people.

Here, though, is a selection of what we’ve gotten so far:

Fred Greiner:




Paul Sizer:


Ed Sludden:


Craig Payne:


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  1. Oh fuck me. These are all good, especially robb’s and Sizer’s. I was going to make one, but now, what’s the point?! (Ah, we’ll see. There is still time, brother. Time to… DO ANYTHING, man!!)

  2. I positively love the first and last covers. Actually, also the third. Great stuff.

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