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Random Head Processing Of The Day

Matt Jones: Went to bed last night half remembering Warren saying in the pub that GLOBAL FREQUENCY was his take on (Gerry Anderson’s) Thunderbirds. Did I imagine that Chief?

Me: Nope. In many ways, it was. I defined GLOBAL FREQUENCY from the start as Rescue Fiction. if not explicitly Post-9/11 Rescue Fiction. Because Thunderbirds is the anti-Superman. Now, I just woke up, so it’s okay if that doesn’t make sense. But immediately after 9/11 I found people on message boards ACTUALLY SAYING OUT LOUD that they wished Superman were real because he would have saved the WTC. And that is an anti-evolutionary wish. What you say is, I wish the dozen or so people who knew this was going to happen could have informed someone who’d actually listen and that we had had the sense/madness to engineer a mechanical response to someone attacking NYC with flying death tubes

Thunderbirds: Darwin’s Airforce

Matt Jones: 2000 giant lighter-than-air pollution-eating biomimetic heavy-lifting portuguese men o’war that swarm slowly in groups proportionate to threat-level over soon-to-be disaster areas predicted by the planetary-skin, acting as an early warning visualisation in the sky (shite, it’s the thunderbird jellyfish! we’re frakked/going to be ok!!!) manufacturing synthbio antigens that rain like snowflakes.


Me: …I’m going down the pub now. I think my brain has internal bleeding.

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  1. Yes, reading GF made me think of Thunderbirds. Since Gerry Anderson still wants to resurrect Thunderbirds, I keep bashing my brain to see how such a series could be updated. It’d have to be decentralized just like GF. Of course, thinking like that creates all sorts of problems (even with a puppet or CGI cast). The more I think about the Anderson series, the more I conclude they just threw the Adult Rulebook out the window. “But wait, that can’t be done.” “We’ll do it anyway. It’ll make a great story!” Ah, the innocent 1960s!

  2. That’s all well and good until the anarchists/terrorists/communists/fundamentalists start launching masses of backpack-size drones that fly themselves into the jellyfish and inject mutators. Now they’re snowing death spores in a mist that smells hauntingly like jasmine, and there’s no escape.

  3. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that I’m not making this all up….

    Me: [Superman Returns] mines the imagery of 9/11 in order to address the shit mist of uncertainty Americans fumbled through from 9/12 forward. Warren Ellis: I defined Global Frequency from the start as Rescue Fiction, if not explicitly Post-9/11 Rescue…

  4. Owen Owen

    People wishing for Superman to stop 9/11 is nothing to the millions who think God should have stopped it. Maybe it’s a job for SuperGod?

  5. […] see, Gerry Anderson’s pretty cool. Warren Ellis based Global Frequency (which had an apparently fantastic TV pilot made of it starring the fantastic Michelle Forbes that […]

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