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Quantum Tantra

” I want not merely to find a new particle or equation but to discover an entirely new way of doing science. Quantum tantra aims to put humans in direct touch with nature without the mediation of instruments, without even those instruments called the senses. My needs are simple: I’d like to invent a truly gooey interface that connects my mind to other minds in the Universe. Modern physics is fully erect science; quantum tantra is physics on all fours.”

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  1. David H David H

    Yeah…I’m showing this to my Physics professors tomorrow. Understanding nature…without observation with the senses…those things we use to observe…I just don’t feel right about his idea.

  2. Greg Greg

    Abu: I’ll get straight to the point, Nick. What do quantum tantriks want?

    Nick: We want to fuck atoms.

    Abu: With or without their permission?

    Nick: With permission of course. We are not savages.


  3. Robert Morales Robert Morales

    Doggyphysics! Excellent.

  4. optical optical

    I once met this woman that was truly deep into tantric sex. It was as fulfilling and pleasurable as a physics lecture.
    And she kept trying to give me a prostatic orgasm. I know I’m missing a lot, but hey, not ready yet for that.

  5. Steven Hutton Steven Hutton

    “It was as fulfilling and pleasurable as a physics lecture.”

    By which I assume you mean: “extremely fullfilling and pleasurable.”

  6. Steven Hutton Steven Hutton

    Additionally. I adore that the website gives me the choice to “remain ignorant”. I just think that’s wonderful.

  7. Andy Andy

    I feel a great disturbance in the force… as though a million new age hippies suddenly cried out in great joy, then were suddenly silenced by baseball bats.

  8. Even Though Mom Is Watching…

    I have to post about Quantum Tantra.
    I’m a very ambitious physicist; I was trained at Stanford. I want not merely to find a new particle or equation but to discover an entirely new way of doing science. Quantum tantra aims to put humans in direct tou…

  9. Paul Paul

    Woo! Woo!

    The word ‘quantum’ is catnip for Woo-meisters. Don’t it make everything sound so darn scientific?

  10. Mike Litos Mike Litos

    As an actual particle physicist, I will officially place this in the realm of NOT PHYSICS. Not even science, really. Just meta-physics, which _can be_ cool and all, but ultimately it holds about as much meaning as the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Who touches me with his noodly appendage on a nightly basis, I may add. Just like dear old Dad used to… God I want to fuck an atom right now.

  11. optical optical

    Pataphysics, now that’s hard science for you! They have this quantum-tantric stuff down to lick.

  12. E0157H7 E0157H7

    Finally, A theoretical science that I can get into. Now all they need to do is find out how to work drugs and rock and roll into it and I know what every little kid will want to be when they grow up.

  13. are you all afraid of interacting with nature. pure observational science keeps you at such a safe distance from reality.
    not that this quantum-tantric stuff is the Correct way but it sounds like a way that is more involved with life than hard science is. We need this mentality with science.
    and it sounds like a fun time, if they could accomlish it.
    imagination, you should try it sometime.
    like a super crazy internet with all of the minds of nature. cool.

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