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The title still sounds liked ORGANICALLY REARED BEEF or FREE RANGE EGGS to me, and I swear there should be a hyphen in there, but you have to smile at the team putting their statement of intent right up front.  No fucking around.  These stories are owned by the people who originated them.  I can’t help but support any team that bullish about putting that message out.

CREATOR OWNED HEROES features two comics serials – AMERICAN MUSCLE by Steve Niles and artist Kevin Mellon, and TRIGGERGIRL 6 by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray with artist Phil Noto.  It also includes eighteen pages of magazine content, featuring an interview with Neil Gaiman.  It’s out in comics stores on June 6 or thereabouts.  The team have been kind enough to send me the first issue, and, after the jump, I’d like to show you a few pages from it.


CREATOR OWNED HEROES will retail at USD $3.99, and is published by Image Comics.  Best of luck, guys.

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