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Podcast List 4mar13

I prefer to timeshift these to the middle of the bloody night…!

I have finally succeeded in unlinking my podcasts from iTunes, using the excellent Downcast app.  Downcast does what I always needed iTunes to do: properly sync between the iPhone and the iPad and remember what I’m doing.  So now I’m all set.

I will say, though, that the discovery process isn’t quite as good on Downcast.  Not enough categories.

I always wanted BERG to do a podcast.  They could have called it BERG Longwave, and ended it with a version of The Shipping Forecast, only in Shoreditch, and with pubs.

This is the current list.  It’s getting edited through over the next few days.

Feel free to send me recommendations, based on the below list, @warrenellis.  I mean, if anyone’s awake at this hour.  I’m not.  This is firing while I am sleeping the sleep of the virtuous.*

The Digital Human –  tech culture

The Cargo Culte Audio Field Report – music

Stone Pages Archaeo News – history

Start the Week with Andrew Marr – news/politics

Rare Frequency Podcast –

Psychedelic Salon – – fringe culture

Philosophy Now – culture

Monocle — Affairs-  http://monocle.comnews/politics culture

KEXP Song of the Day –

In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg – history

Great Lives – history

dublab mp3 blog – music

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – history

Broken20 - music

Avant-Avant – a curated musical selection – music

At Water’s Edge – music

Arctic Circle Radio – music

Analysis – news/politics


* Shut up.

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