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Podcast List, 19sep12

A few people on Twitter have asked me lately what’s in my podcast list.  The list is very short right now.  (Also, can I say here how fucked Apple’s new Podcast app is?  I’ve gone back to the podcast function under Music on my iPhone, syncing with iTunes on my computer every night, because the Podcast app is so broken.)

Given that most people now use a search function on their podcast app of choice, or know how to use Google, I’m just listing unlinked titles for the most part.

I am always looking for more suggestions for podcasts under these general headings.  @warrenellis or will get me.

General current affairs stuff:

Analysis  (BBC Radio 4) – Center for Strategic and International Studies – Stephanomics (BBC Radio 4)  – The Pod Delusion:  –


Hidden History  (BBC Radio Ulster): Irish history with Dr Éamon Phoenix – Composer Of The Week (BBC Radio 3) – Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg (BBC Radio 4)


The Cargo Culte Audio Field Report:  – Broken20 – Dublab mp3 blog – At Water’s Edge (very long ambient shows)

Other things (sciences, philosophy, art, weird shit):

Psychedelic Salon (I like the Terence McKenna talks) – Philosophy Now – Little Atoms – Artbound Weekly (KCET)



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