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Plans To Celebrate 6/6/06

In the UK, some expectant mothers whose babies are due on June 6 are so concerned about giving birth on the date marked by the satanic number that they have scheduled caesareans and inductions beforehand.

The Netherlands national news agency, ANP, recently reported an unusually high number of couples planning to tie the knot on June 6 — which is unusual, given that it falls on a Tuesday.

The agency reported that in the Dutch city of Enschede, 17 couples had already applied to marry on June 6. Normally, there are just two weddings in the city on any given Tuesday. One couple even requested to be married at 6:06am.

American satanic radio station Radio Free Satan, for example, will celebrate the “sin-tennial” with Satan’s Rockin’ 666 Eve party, featuring performances by heavy metal and death metal bands, while the Church of Satan in Los Angeles is hosting a satanic high mass, which has already sold out.

There are also those who are cashing in on the date, with marketers seizing the day to launch movies, books and albums with anti-religious or satanic themes. 20th Century Fox will release its remake of the 1976 horror film The Omen, retitled The Omen 666, on June 6.

Provocative author Ann Coulter will launch her latest anti-liberal book, Godless.

On the same day, heavy metal band Slayer begins its Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted, while a string of heavy metal and death metal artists will release albums on that day, including David Lee Roth’s Strummin’ with the Devil.

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  1. I intend to celebrate the National Day of Slayer by playing Reign of Blood too loudly. Like they say on the website:
    National holidays in America aren’t just about celebrating; they’re about forcing it upon non-participants.

  2. Nef Nef

    Have tickets to Slayer in June – will demolish all in my path at that time.

  3. Check numerology and you’ll find the day is nothing special. Like Halloween to Vampires on Buffy show. Peace.

  4. Ricky K Ricky K

    The Slayer tour’s been postponed due to singer/bassist Tom Araya’s recent surgery.
    They are releasing an EP on 6.6.06 instead.

    Anyway, Lombardo’s back and all is well…

  5. Sveinung Sveinung

    People of the world, let us gather our thoughts and intentions on this handy day,
    in drinking and sending evil thoughts upon the head of the catholic church. (just to pick one)
    If everyone wants the man dead, and he dies, it would be a fantastic display of Mind over Pope.
    Not to mention it will spook fanatics all over the world. Think of the wonderful consequences!

  6. I knew Ann Coulter was an agent of the devil.

  7. Stephen G Stephen G

    I’ll be celebrating. But only ’cause it’s my birthday.


  8. Funny, here all the wedding parlors are overbooked. Seems everybody wants to get married on the 6/6/06.

  9. hmm.. haven;t tried slayer yet. I’ll need to pick some up and make a mix of that and original Omen soundtrack stuff to go see the remake on opening night. I needs me some satanic wholesomeness.

  10. AND Glenn “Cuddles” Danzig is getting married on 6/6/06… by El Vez.

    True story.

  11. Thejus Thejus

    I plan to celebrate the 5 days of Satan, from 6/1/06* to 6/6/06.
    Still working on the song though…five rings of fire just doesn’t flow right.

    [*=The possiblity exists that 616 is the actual number of the Beast (]

  12. Damien Damien

    I’ll be having a party. And yes, it’s my real fucking name. It’s on my damned birth certificate, innit?


  13. amy amy

    hi everyone, CAN YOU HELP ME ANSWER THIS?? i dont rele no much bout this 6/6/06 day but
    im goin to a theme park that day… do you no if its safe coz i get scraed bout these things :P

  14. Adam Adam

    amy, what you just said was horrible. ew.

  15. Kelly Kelly

    I’m also thinking that the idea of having a party on 6/6/06 eve or that night would be an interesting idea. Anybody have some ideas for the party? This would be people in their 30’s and bikers….I’m open to all ideas. Thanks!

  16. skyler skyler

    kelly i would get a kick ass band to play maby deathmetal or just metal, but i think i would realy get the party started.

  17. Marlen Marlen

    hey, ppl, well im going to a theme oark, on the 666, and i want ot know if its a bad iodea.!!!pleaze, help1!

  18. drew drew

    AFI new album is coming out on 6/6/06!!!

    Plus, i can’t wait for 7/7/07. That day will fucking RULE!!!

  19. I’m getting married on 6/6/06, in a paintball field, during a reenactment of D-Day in Oklahoma; the worlds largest paintball scenario game :) With Maori tribal henna, purple hair, and my trusty paintball marker :D

  20. .|. satan .|. .|. satan .|.

    the 6th day

    of the 6th month

    the 6th year

    i am here….. see you then

  21. kathy kathy

    i really don’t think anything is going to happen. Plus if you belive in GOd even if it is the end yoi’ll be fine. to all you people who are having a party or celebrating you’re sick,,,go to church… it’s not that i’m ultra holy but why would you listen to shit like slayer, it’s not even good music (personaly if ei see anyone playing slayer or worshiping the devil i’m going to punch them in the face

    I’ll pray for you and myself

  22. Roin Roin

    hey Kathy weve gt a right to do wht we want if we want to do sometin lik party to celebrate the devil we can its our choice and plus for some of us believin in the devil helps us get through in life im talking personaly here and yes i am plannin to hold a party celebrating this 6/6/06 i believe in the devil all the way mind u i do get the whole to believe in satan u have to believe in god yes i do but i follow the devil like sum people follow god SATAN WOULD KICK GODS ASS CHOOSE SIDES WHILE U still can :)

  23. damien damien

    6*6*06 is going to be the best fuckin day ever I am going to get so fuckin wasted

  24. damien damien

    6*6*06 is going to be the best fuckin day ever I am going to get so fuckin wasted and listen to

  25. Matt Matt

    All of you fake satanists, your gonna get your ass kicked that day. Even if your not a really into satan and just gettin wasted, cops, christians, and rednecks are gonna use the day as an excuse to kick any devil worshipping, cutting, goth ritualing bastard they can get there hands on. So unless your taking to the streets to start a goth revoulution with the help of emos and satanists everywhere, i suggest you stay home.

  26. Nic Nic

    It’s here guys!!! woot! see’s right there ^^. Printed in its unholy glory ^__^ Today is my roomies bday…I really don’t know what to do for her. Our best friend suggested cemetaries and such…but I dunno…that just doesn’t even sound fun. Very…junior high good times. Not way out of high school and more in the middle of college years (if either of us were still going to college that is :P) is a note to some who have posted before is R-E-A-L-L-Y…^__^

    But anyways…prolly take her to Hot Topic and Borders so she can shop around a bit..pick up the original Omen and watch it tonite (going to try and see the new on at the drive-in this weekend). But i have 6 hours of entertainment I must come up with…any ideas??

  27. So many of your kind are waiting to celebrate the date 6-6-06. Drinking and dancing, and most likely more grotesque things than we could add here. Of course, an equal number will be hiding in their homes, and mothers will be attempting to delay pregnancies, things of the like. But those who know the true meaning of the mark of the Beast will let this day pass unnoticed. Just as said–it is a holiday that those in alliance with the Legion himself will not acknowledge its signifigance that others identify the date with. Beelzebub will lie low, as will others of the kind, and we will rest this day. Any day could be a ‘holiday’. Give it name and reason, post it somewhere well known and it sets off like wild-fire. For those of you planning to use the day as an excuse for your misgivings, I curse you…. I curse every one of you to walk alone on this planet for the rest of eternity and know not the serenity of Heaven nor the torture of Hell. May your spirit’s feet blister and bleed as you walk this bloody Earth.

    —The Gate Keepers

    P.S. We mean well….

  28. HaHA!…. suck on this u jezzus loving obsessers!what do u think demons are! arcangels which means at one point they were angels!!!! nice name gate keepers!!!!!! *_*


    P.S. ill see u all in pergatory in 2012!!!

  29. Yeah, today is my birthday.. I’ll be working, not really celebrating until this weekend.. Its really unfortunate to see all these people obsessing over a date. I’m a devout Christian and I think its funny that my birthday is today.. Just another day am I right? Anyway, this whole AntiChrist thing is pathetic. And to really think that The Lord would lose to devil is just as pathetic as the hype for this day. The devil was sentenced to hell by The Lord. But at the same time you think he has any power over God? Haha, its funny to think that people will worship Satan, a loser to the Almighty, and then have the odacity to believe that Satan will do anything for you after your death. Well, as for all you satanists, have fun having your body tortured by demons and the devil for the sins you have committed. As for me, I’ll wait in line for Heaven, have a good time on Earth, read my Bible, slay some demons, marry a woman that won’t cheat on me, have kids that will love me, convert some atheists and then go meet Jesus in heaven and talk to him about philosophy over a fat steak with a side of mashed potatoes, gravy and a Thomas Kemper Root Beer. Anyway, good day all and may God Bless You, even if don’t love Him.


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