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Plans For Today

Pick a plan for today:

a) ignore work, make the most of an empty house by sitting around drinking, playing loud music and scratching my balls

b) draw up plans for an Internet Cult which does my bidding and pays me in blood and souls

c) same as above, but pays me in actual cash

d) give up everything, run away from home and indenture myself to a hypnodomme, just for the restfulness of it

e) go to Canada, take a ride on a coach, stab someone sixty times, cut their head off, wank into the stump, laugh, give name of “Joss Whedon” to other passengers, walk off into the night

f) form band that doesn’t exist, release exquisite covers for records that will never be made, beautiful flyers for gigs that were not arranged, mp3 “previews” that are nothing but the voices of young women crooning complete nonsense in Russian

g) audience participation

h) you can still send me tips on interesting stuff etc on degaussing at googlemail dot com.

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