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Part Of The Process

So, it seems that my next project at Marvel is locked. I’m planning 12 issues, on the assumption that the Profit & Loss equations will give me at least that. (I don’t sell singles like the boys in the clubhouse, but I do move a lot of trade paperbacks, and that gives me an edge.)

This is a series that I devised, rather than “created,” like NEXTWAVE. “Created,” to me, always implies making something from whole cloth, or as near to it as possible. My contracted role at Marvel is to work with Marvel’s company-owned library. So I devise something using material from the vaults. It’s not something I could do full-time without going insane, but it’s interesting work, well-rewarded, and I like Joe Quesada and Dan Buckley immensely. And I also get to write for artists like Stuart Immonen, which is a bit like a screenwriter getting to write words for their favourite actors to say. I got to write Stuart Immonen drawing a woman killing broccoli men with a guitar. It’s not so bad.

The first script for this new thing is in, and the editor and I are talking about artists right now. It’s not much like anything Marvel are doing right now. But, after the nightmares we had on ASTONISHING X-MEN that had me writing four different arcs simultaneously at one point to keep the book moving, I need a change.

I’m guessing we’ll have an artist trapped and placed in a cage within the next few weeks, and an actual announcement will happen shortly after.

This was really a nothing post, except it kind of illustrates how boringly most comics are put together. It should really be a sort of Paul Schraderesque “well, we did a pile of cocaine the size of Sally Field, and then it turned out it was actually just Sally Field covered in cocaine, so we all did her, even Robert Towne’s dog, and then we ramraided a store and stole twelve typewriters, and then Peter Boyle beat us all unconscious and shoved peyote down our throats, and when we came to he was gone and there was just the typewriters and a loaded gun, so we menaced all the typewriters with the gun until one of them shat out the script we wanted, and somehow three weeks had gone by, and John Milius came by with a surfboard and a harpoon gun and said ‘let’s find us an artist’ and…”


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  1. Is this in some way related to the request, on Whitechapel a while back, for suggestions of dormant Marvel concepts and characters to revive? That was wondrous fun.

    Anyway, congratulations; regardless of what one thinks of Marvel’s current publications, I believe that “not much like anything Marvel are doing right now” sounds very promising.

  2. Ryan Ryan

    Im not ashamed to say I jizzed myself in excitement

  3. but that last paragraph’s all true cept that bit about Robert Towne’s dog, right?

  4. adamsimon adamsimon

    Is it better for a writer to sell singles or trades? Which should your fans buy?

  5. I want that last paragraph on a t-shirt. (No, not “Sigh.”)

  6. Exciting news to me. If it’s anywhere near as amazing as Nextwave, anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything of yours that I haven’t giggled at, at least in some depraved manner at least, but Nextwave is probably the funniest marvel book I’ve ever read.

  7. legion legion

    If you made a comic like that, I would buy the shit out of it.

  8. M. M.

    There should be a Witch House group called “Baba Yaga”.
    I just thought you should know.

  9. Philelzebub Philelzebub


    I asked a writer this last year about an indiecreator owned comic he’s been writing for a while. He said something like there is more profit in the trades but the sales of the comics keep the interest high but mainly just break even… I guess this isn’t the same for everything, though…

  10. Xo Tl'mi-go Xo Tl'mi-go

    Sally Field? The coke must have been GREAT.

  11. Wait, this isn’t how comics are made?? Shit, this changes the documentary I am making on you immensely.
    Great news nonetheless!! Wonder which way on the Marvel spectrum you are going? Dark like Thunderbolts or crazy and funny like Nextwave.

  12. Eagle Eagle

    John Rauch did some really interesting colour work on one of your New Universal books. And he’s already contracted to Marvel, so you know he can’t escape.

    Here’s his dA gallery for a refresher on the sort of stuff he does:

  13. That last paragraph sounds a bit like if Patton Oswalt and temporary taken control of your mind and the two of you were fighting it out for control.

    Which means it’s both deeply disturbing and hilarious.

  14. Fungo McGurk Fungo McGurk

    A dog did the Flying Nun? Bleeding HELL, why did no one call me?? Is there video?

  15. Alex R. Alex R.

    Is it Howard the Duck? Please!!!

  16. Willie Lumpkin: The Lost Years?

  17. espalier espalier

    well, shit. i am looking forward to whatever this might be, but i am still bothered by astonishing approaching the end of its life. your astonishing has been my favorite comic ever.

  18. Dennis Dennis

    Will the woman with the guitar be singing “Chopping broccoli…”?

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