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The Briefing: Los Angeles, 26 January, Farmhouse.LA

Details and tickets (starting at $20) at the event page, which is this link here.  Here’s the description:

In the intimate surroundings of The Farmhouse Barn, writer Warren Ellis sits down for a State Of The Weird, picking over the radioactive bones of 2013 and gathering the stories for a Briefing on the science-fiction condition of 2014. That night, he will be in the middle of writing a novella about futurists and a non-fiction book about the future of cities — except that they’re both also about strange history and Weird Shit — and he’s here to talk about deep time, storytelling and the weather of tomorrow.

It’s intended to be a small, conversational thing.  First Outside World thing of the year, a good time and place to take stock and look ahead.

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