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One Big Thing Everywhere

Picking at Digsby and Yoono, the desktop app "social aggregators" that pop up notifications in realtime from (for example) your Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts, as well as gathering in your IM accounts (I don’t use IM). What I could really use is something that also captures my Google Reader in realtime, popping up notifications when new articles appear in that, just as it does when someone twoots or posts a new photo to Flickr or whatever.

I still don’t have that One Big Thing that scoops up everything I want and puts it in the corner of my desktop and runs it in realtime. And I’d really rather not be running a ton of different desktop apps, not on this poor broken-down machine. I mean, how hard should this be? People have been talking about "dashboards" and "digital lifestyle aggregators" for fucking years. Find me one.

(I have to note, I haven’t tried Seesmic Desktop in a while. I should load that now.)

EDITED TO ADD: oh, Seesmic Desktop 2 is VERY close. There’s a Seesmic Marketplace plug-in for Google Reader. But no Flickr linkage. Also it made me install Silverlight.

I’m also thinking about picking up a second-hand iPad and using it as a secondary display screen, to be honest.

This Facebook Messaging thing is interesting to me — despite the slightly dodgy security implications of no strong walls around what’s essentially single sign-on – simply because it puts a whole bunch of things in one stream. It’s the Everywhere paradigm, that you find with Kindle, with the forthcoming HBO service, with Reeder for iPhone, with Hulu and the plans for the NYT, where whatever you do is connected and updated seamlessly between the devices you touch. It’s less about convergence than it is about total presence

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