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On Whitechapel This Afternoon (12may09)

Okay, quick round-up of what else is going on in my internet cave before I get on to the usual stuff like half-naked friends of mine, things exploding, people with car parts inserted in their arses etc:

* Webcomics Week (May 2009) — is amazing, and still going strong. If you’re doing a webcomic, please go there and tell me about it. Some astonishing-looking work has already been listed. You should see it.

* The Steampunk Telegraph — a thread that has eerily and steamily returned from the dead.

* The Magazine Section — people producing magazines talking about them. Some interesting stuff there. I love that people still have the passion for print.

* Jamie Delano’s RAWBONE: The Pirates Of Perviness

* The Weekly Listening Thread (11may09) – in which we just rattle on about music

* Musicians, Bands, Singers, Noisemakers

* STEAMPUNK Magazine #5

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