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Not Ramming Speed, No

Spotted in the back of one of the stables where Lili’s horse is stored. Who keeps wine glasses and, I don’t know, some kind of Soviet defibrillator from the 60s in the back of a stable? Did they jumpstart Brezhnev and then give him a celebratory mouthful of Leningrad plonk in the back there? Questions must be asked.


Not taken with iPhone Hipstamatic app. I actually use Mill Colour, Lo-Mob or ShakeItPhoto for processing images on the iPhone. Usually. But I discovered a lovely little service yesterday called Instagram, that’s basically another attempt to do Twitter for photos. It’s iOS only right now, though I’m betting there’ll be an Android app in the first half of next year. But the joy of it is that it’s just really fucking simple. Easy ways to find people, a handful of preset processing filters to apply to your photos, simple feed of images, and you can set it up to ping in realtime. It’s so nice, sometimes, to find a little fun thing that just bloody works.

The older I get, and the less time there seems to be in every day, the more I like things that just work. I can’t imagine having to handcode a webpage again, or building workarounds and rules to get email working, or hitting a modem with a hammer to make it force-connect. Tweaking Gmail and snapping useful extensions into Chrome is as far as I want to go, these days. To the point where I’m getting unreasonably annoyed when, for instance, the Evernote plug-in for Chrome decides it wants to spin or hang or shit itself. IT’S 2010 THINGS ON THE INTERWEB SHOULD JUST FUCKING WORK NOW sort of annoyed. Which is slightly absurd. But then, of course, so am I.

Rapportive for Gmail. That’s the sort of thing I like to see. Just fucking works. Automatic look-up on anyone who emails you. Open the mail, and, in the right hand strip where the ads go, it gives you a quick precis on the sender culled from public elements of their social network entries. When I open email from people like JahFurry, I can even see their last three tweets in the Raplet window.

(I’ve just discovered that Ariana does nested labels in her Gmail. Must figure that one out.)

As you can see, I’m procrastinating like a bugger because my brain has not spun up to working speed yet. This is the sort of crap I used to pollute my mailing list with.

Hey, did you see TinyLetter? Really simple and free way to run an email list. I should totally do a newsletter again. Barantunde does! I’m going for more coffee now.

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