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Not Gone

Writing this post on the iPad, in the WordPress app, so god knows how it’ll format. It’s been a while. Also it’s a lovely sunny day out here, and the iPad screen is shiny. It’s got me thinking about getting a matte-screen ultrabook. Nothing’s ever easy, is it?

SCATTERLANDS resumes next week, for five days, before we move it to another site. I simply forgot to upload the last five, due to the madness of the last two weeks. I actually took yesterday off, and went to London to see Julianna Barwick, which was an experience more joyous than even I expected. (It was also wonderful to see digital wunderkind Matt Sheret and writer/filmmaker Anne Holiday there.)

Today I’m doing the new copyedit on DEAD PIG COLLECTOR for FSG. At some point after that, we’ll have a new release date — Sean’s working mightily to get things slotted into place. While he’s doing that, I’ll be moving on to take a look at where I am on the non-fiction book, with an eye to getting that wrapped in the next few weeks.

The AVENGERS: ENDLESS WARTIME graphic novel is in the can. My short story for Institute For The Future, THE LICH-HOUSE, should appear on BoingBoing sometime in the next few weeks. Ben keeps making muttering sounds about that issue of FELL he’s working on, but, frankly, the man’s barely alive from the workload he’s got, so I don’t press him on it.

I have a comics publisher who actually wants me to ask on Twitter for artists to work with, which makes me laugh every time I think about it.

I find I’m actually missing not having the newsletter, a little bit. Replacement services on the scale I’d need, though, are a little pricey. That said, on the whole, a lower digital profile suits me for the moment. Right now, I’m only active on Twitter and Instagram. And, I suppose, WhatsApp and Skype, insofar as I turn them on, and only later recall that nobody has my IDs for those services.

Right. More coffee, then setting up my iPhone 5, which I had to get because I’ve thrashed my 4S to death too far in advance of the release of the next iPhone. It’s a beautiful day here. I hope it’s nice there.

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