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Norman Mailer & Marshall McLuhan

“…the media will eventually hurl 21st Century (humanity) back to tribalism…”

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  1. Oh, Marshall McLuhan is one of my heroes. It blows my mind to watch anything he was on back in the 60s and see him calling everything that would happen with the internet, to see how even though he was ridiculed and yet how people are now turning around and realizing he had it right.

    If you like McLuhan you’ll find Harold Innis’ work equally intriguing, as he has a similar take on the matter.

    For anyone who wants to pick up a McLuhan book, I’d recommend “The Medium is the Massage” yes massage. The book is excellent in terms of information and visual presentation. Of course “Understanding Media” and “The Gutenberg Galaxy” are much more formal books that I’d also recommend.

    Sorry for nerding out, but this kind of approach to mass media is the one I’m taking particular focus on.

  2. John John

    Holy shit, that intro music blindsided me. Why can’t more shows have an awesome melody like that?

  3. well, why can´t we have more shows like this in general, intro music and all. I don´t see anything like this when I turn on my TV. I like debate shows, what I don´t like is the idiots they get on the shows these days. Blair-style politobots, celebrities from the visual media, political analysts who treat the whole thing like a football game and other attention starved media whores. (sure, Mailer and McLuhan liked the attention, but at least they had something to fucking contribute)

  4. Besides…the few times they actually bring in some real experts and have them duke it out it´s always about something tired like the Catholic church, the drug war, homosexual marriage, fucking Iraq or whatever. These things have been talked to death and there is nothing new to contribute…we have the solutions, why the fuck are we still talking about them?

  5. I think i have to side with Mailer, but McLuhan was the more interesting personality; there was some kind of brilliance behind his weirdness. i ‘ll have find some of his books.

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