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  1. Thom Thom

    So they’re printing a dying format on a soon to be illegal product…interesting tactic.

  2. But isn’t consumerism dead too?

  3. Next: Magazine cereal boxes.

  4. lars lars

    in russia, news can suffocate you while practicing weird sex games. da?

  5. Loved the advert for ‘Taty’. How this product is best represented by showing a picture frame over someones arse, is beyond me. But fun none the less.

  6. bill p. bill p.

    Reminds me of “The Inner Sleeve” a newsletter some label (don’t remember who) used to print on the inner sleeve of their records.

  7. […] newspaper printed on a shopping bag is an interesting experiment, but did it have to be on a plastic shopping bag? I don’t think […]

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