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NO HEROICS is a tv comedy show that I believe debuts this coming Thursday on ITV2 at 10.30pm. I got sent the whole series on DVD the other week, and finally got around to watching the first three episodes the other day. The concept is — well, fuck it, watch the trailer —

Rich Johnston swears he can see a picture of me up on the wall in the pub setting there, but I bloody can’t.

Anyway, it’s funnier than a comedy show about bloody superheroes has any right to be. It could have been more full-on and less traditional in places, but, you know, it’s ITV, it’s a fucking miracle it got on the air at all. Full points to creator/writer Drew Pearce for coming up with something that should translate to a general audience because it’s black humour first and everything else second.

Also, it features a doorman whose superpower is summoning monkeys. Beat that.

Do me a favour, though: if you’re in Britain and you can get ITV2, watch it on the box rather than going to torrent sites or surfthechannel an hour later, yeah? Ratings systems don’t count torrent loads. This is why ratings charts think everyone in the country watches Bruce fucking Forsythe on a Saturday night and why tv companies are terrified of commissioning any scripted series requiring an IQ larger than your shoe size to follow. Ta.

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