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  1. fourmyle fourmyle

    thanks for posting this, mate. Immediately subscribed at my local comicshop… :-)

  2. This looks fantastic. Just sorry it isn’t out before my trip to SF.

  3. Mengele Mengele

    Looks pretty kooky, but I guess I’ll read it.

  4. RMC RMC

    Super-Weathermen? Sold! You got yourself one reader right here

  5. Alethea Alethea

    Serialised… but I want it now :(

  6. I want it now. I need a Juan Jose Ryp/Warren Ellis fix. I’m jonesin man! Where’s the latest issue of “Black Summer”? Do I need to beat up someone at Avatar to get it in my sweating, shaking hands? Plus I turned two friends of mine onto it and they want their fix too. Then I’ll need to buy the trade so I can have a copy on my shelf to read. I’ve got the money if you’ve got the junk.

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