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  1. tobot tobot

    It’s beautiful, and so quiet too . I need to get myself a few surface to air missiles this summer and try to make this a permananent arrangement.

    somewhere a little red warning light is blinking

  2. George George

    The empty skies is probably my most vivid memory from 9/11 here in the U.S. Weird parallel.

  3. haytil haytil

    It might look peaceful, but don’t forget that’s because the air is currently filled with invisible bits of ash and microscopic particles of glass – perfectly suited to searing your lungs and planting the seeds of cancer.

    Silent but deadly, perhaps?

  4. frrenchbloke frrenchbloke

    somewhere there is a billionaire mentalist with a fleet of big arsed helicopters thinking ‘Now’s my chance to invade the Isle of Man’

  5. arsnof arsnof

    It just dawned on me that most photos I see now are either in the extreme landscape or vertical stretch, having been taken with a camera phone. Weird that I haven’t noticed that before.

  6. theblackscorpio theblackscorpio

    I can see a tiny, tiny fleck of Islandic volcano ashes right there in the coner…

  7. Chris Lee Chris Lee

    I remember the skies looking just like that in the no-fly weeks post-9/11 when I was living on the outskirts of Washington, DC. With 3 major airports within spitting distance, even the clearest days were marked by high thing lacework clouds. There was a downside to the clear skies, though: the day the flights started up again marked the start of a week of apocalyptic thunderstorms and heavy rains when the unintentional cloud seeding started up again.

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