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Night Music: Xela

Discovered Xela just the other day. If you come across an EP by Xela called THE DIVINE, grab it. This is from the album THE DEAD SEA:

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  1. kit kit

    For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights by Xela has been on constant rotation in my playlist for a couple of years now. It’s a great atmospheric album.

  2. word, ‘the Dead Sea’ is great. ‘The Divine’ is still available in a lot of places and is a follow up to ‘the Illuminated’, both released on cassette by Digitalis ltd. ‘the Illuminated’ was re-issued on beautiful black wax by Dekorder earlier this year as well.
    Also, a label called SMTG Ltd. out of Richmond, VA. released an great LP re-issue of a Xela tour edition called ‘Heirs of the Fire’.
    I also recommend listening to Svarte Greiner’s albums. He’s got some on SMTG Ltd. and Digitalis (sold out cassette, but slated to be re-issued on vinyl sometime in 2010 with a full side of extra material), and he’s got some albums on Type as part of the group Deaf Center.

    Geek out.

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