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@network 6nov08

* Ben Templesmith’s signing schedule for Wizard World Texas and Comic Asylum from today to Sunday. Don’t give him shit about FELL — we’re working on it, but we are both busy with other things. I am busy trying to wake up, and he is busy trying to take over the world.

* Against all odds, Corey Lewis is continuing to update his webcomic SEEDLESS. It is clearly, as you might expect, the product of a mental case.

* Debauchette has moved to

* Siege:

I saw a local news report the other day that said this was the last year that NYC would vote on its mechanical lever voting machines. The report said that the machines were fifty years old, and that we were the last place in the country that still used them…

…I’m proud that I’m able to make the last vote on this machine from the past be one for the future.


* Matt Jones:


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