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Massively behind on internet reading and blogstuff right now, because I am variously writing comics, writing graphic novels, writing a film treatment and writing an animated-series outline. And writing a column that is basically a very short book broken into 600-word pieces. Here’s a few things from my nets:

* Matt Sheret, possessed by mass recursiveness, has compiled a PHONOGRAM fanzine, and according to Gillen (who’s just got back from holiday) it’s limited to 200 copies and will be available at San Diego Comics Crush. This is the cover. And it terrifies me. See, the protagonist of PHONOGRAM, David Kohl, does look a bit like Gillen. But artist Jamie McKelvie was obviously doing mirror ref for the facial expression (can you name the album cover that inspired this piece?). And the end result is this horrifying telepod fusion of Gillen and McKelvie. It is against nature.


* Sheret is also doing some of his own ranting:

But I’m thinking, seeing magazines fold and new ones rise simply reprinting already established material: Where is my bespoke magazine? Where is my RSS feed with an option to POD myself a magazine? How can I bully someone into creating that, hooking up some service that doesn’t rely on borderline RTF presentation to throw together selected blog posts into a digest I can carry and pass around? Yes, still, culture of waste and all, but print it on the right paper and kill a few glossy mags off in the process and surely there’s a balance restored?

Where is my bespoke POD magazine?

* Matt Jones, Bruce Sterling, Adam Greenfield speaking at Frontiers Of Interaction 2009 in Rome on the theme of “social networking, the internet-of-things and smart cities”.

* Eliza Gauger exhibiting in Berlin tonight.

* Siege and David Byrne. I neither want nor need to know the circumstances.


* Comics mental patient Corey Lewis has a Flickr account up, which he will doubtless forget all about in fifteen seconds’ time.

* And also Highpoint Lowlife sent me the new Village Orchestra album, which is an imagined soundtrack to Takashi Miike’s adaptation of MPD PYSCHO and I just wanted to say thank you because it is very nice.

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  1. The Woman The Woman

    Manic Street Preachers Journal for Plague Lovers, Yes? Banned, I think, for some bizarre reason.

  2. Jamie McKelvie Jamie McKelvie

    It’s our sexy lovechild.

  3. daz daz

    Phil Collins’ “Face Value”? Or “No Jacket Required”?


  4. thanks for the nice words about my TVO album, means a lot :)

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