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@network 5dec08

Just a quick sweep:

* Ha ha ha Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada’s joined Twitter and already people are warning him not to click on links I post. Fraction and McKelvie are spoiling my fun. Again.

* Zofia Szeretlek:


* Coilhouse report that SKIN TWO magazine is shutting down, therefore ruining the lives of a generation of alt.boys who were expecting to be able to buy the magazine and wank themselves into a foamy coma while assuring themselves it wasn’t really porn.

* A general reminder that Jean Snow always finds fascinating stuff in Tokyo and you should read him if you don’t already.

* Jamais Cascio on the probability of new political power structures by 2030.

* As I mentioned yesterday on Bad Signal, Jamaica Dyer’s new webcomic is wonderful and also fucked-up:


* From Molly Porkshanks’ sketchbook:


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  1. “wank themselves into a FOAMY COMA”…

    Jesus, man! Please stop before your child grows up to write teleplays in which the show’s catchprase is some permuation of “foamy coma”.

    Please? I’ll buy not one, but three FREAKANGELS.

  2. Illogic Illogic

    A foamy coma actually sounds like a good idea for the rest of the day. That, and inventing another alter ego which I can stalk the net as. Maybe I can do that while in a foamy coma? Hell, it’s worth a shot.

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