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@network 4nov08

* Chad Michael Ward’s new book, out by Xmas apparently: you can get on the pre-order announcement list by emailing him at chad at teoward dot com .


* Thorsten from Highpoint Lowlife throws up a winter mix for you.

* Matt Jones considers a "Papercamp" for the Papernet stance (which, in my head, is an actual thing, like the Len Ganley Stance):


(Oh, god. Almost nobody is going to get that, are they? I am so fucking old now.)

* Patton Oswalt will be liveblogging the election.

* Novelist Caitlin Kittredge is taking over the universe.

* Susannah Breslin continues her tour of the high-end internets by guestblogging at BoingBoing for two weeks.

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