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@network 18mar09

* Adam Greenfield interviewed. Handy quote:

I would go so far as to say that there will be no area or domain of urban activity that is not somehow disassembled and recomposed as a digital, networked, interactive process over the next few years. Objects, buildings and spaces will be reconceived as network resources; cars, subways and bicycles will be reimagined as on-demand mobility services; human communities are already well on the way to becoming self-conscious “social networks.”

* People are nice to me when I post photos from Katie West:


* Marc Weidenbaum on what you might call social remixing. I mean, if you weren’t sick of the word "social" being stuck on the front of everything since 2006. Catch the previous couple of posts, too.

* Paul Pope for GQ — I’m seeing a bit of Herge in this, for some reason:


* Xeni’s back from Benin:


* Matt Jones: Permafutures. And, seriously, grab the last four or five of Matt’s entries, his brain is pretty much lodged in "overdrive" lately.

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  1. You know how awesome you are to post more pics of Katie West?


    Well, never mind then… just keep posting them!

  2. RMC RMC

    Yes, they do brighten the day. Also, I sent her an e-mail once say how much I liked her photos… and she sent a reply which was really nice! How often does that happen?

    Anyone know if Paul Pope is working on a new book? I seem to be having trouble accessing his blog.

  3. Nick Ellis Nick Ellis

    The colour of the water and boardwalk, in the right panel, is just about dead on Tintin’s clothing, jumper and plus fours respectively.


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