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  1. Eric Eric

    If that’s an artery hanging out at the bottom, I don’t know how that thing’s staying erect. I guess that’s why it’s called hard sci-fi.

  2. Thom Thom

    Well, there goes the morning.

  3. Ninsiima Ninsiima


    I think the internet has a problem.

    One it needs to get checked out.

  4. Sci Sci

    @Eric – Rigor mortis? :P

  5. Glad you, er, enjoyed that. I found it late last night & now mysteriously can’t find the source…

    (I still wish my years-old plan of making blood-coloured lube for goths had taken off, they’d make a perfect combination.)

  6. Brad Brad

    Zombies are often referred to as “stiffs.” I suppose this is fitting.

  7. @Eric: I think the grey things at the bottom look more like the promised maggots than blood vessels.

  8. Christopher Christopher

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Hey, my sub’s birthday is coming up!

  9. Andy Andy

    @Christopher… that’s just pure evil:)

  10. Mollie Mollie

    Better or worse than the Twilight freezer dildo?? lol

  11. Jeremy Jeremy

    Rigor mortis has certainly set in.

  12. Lex Lex

    If this makes you puke in your mouth a little, then better prepare yourselves for the tasty treats we are cooking up in the Necronomicox lab!
    More toys big and small, for every fetish and price range. Some to include: Cock rings, butt plugs, ball gags….and the list continues.
    Let your freak flags fly kidz ;)

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