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Napalm Is Better Than Gunpowder, Guy

Been in the work mines all week, and today isn’t looking any better. Catching up is becoming a full time job in itself.

So it’s been confirmed that the wonderful Helen Mirren — a good old Southend girl, don’t you know — has joined the cast of the film adaptation of me’n’Cully’s graphic novel RED. So the top of the cast is now Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Which is a little surreal. They’ve also set a release date, which I think is 2 November 2010. So we’re a year away from seeing it. Shooting starts in January, in Toronto and New Orleans, I believe.

And BLACK SUMMER is now in development, with Ryne Pearson writing the adaptation. He wrote the recent KNOWING, which I haven’t seen, but which I know made its money back. Pearson’s a novelist by trade, according to the internet. Also, according to the internet, a man of devout religious conviction. Just as well SUMMER doesn’t contain any of my usual atheist ravings. And no, I have no idea if the death of an American President will be retained in the script. It’s theirs to play with, no. I imagine I’ll be talking to them in the near future.

And next week I’m on the phone with Legendary to get GRAVEL moving.

PLANETARY Volume 4 now has a subtitle: SPACETIME ARCHAEOLOGY. I understand that ABSOLUTE PLANETARY Vol 2 is also being prepared right now.

(I should actually write a new work FAQ. There’s one on Whitechapel that hasn’t been updated in a month or so. So I’ll add here: FELL moves along slowly, DESOLATION JONES remains on hold for various reasons, NEWUNIVERSAL will get finished up next year once Steve and I are past ARMOR WARS, I have no idea what the state of the CASTLEVANIA animated property is, and, in general, assume that a prolific career of many projects contains several that have just run into trouble or stalled out because, guess what, shit happens. And no, I never got my dead computer back. That’s a tale in itself, which includes the guy who was trying to repair it dying on an operating table.)

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  1. Matt K Matt K

    I think someone needs to option the story of the dead computer. As told during the recent Autumn Interrogation thread, it made quite a tale. A bizarre disappearance to rival anything in Kelly’s “The Book of Lost Books.”

    Meanwhile I’m left imagining that hard drive out there, somewhere. Perhaps eventually making its way into a private collection, along with various looted old master paintings, the real crown jewels and the skull of Geronimo.

  2. Jesus. Not busy at all, huh? I’m looking forward to Morgan Freeman in RED who has become a favorite over the years–

  3. For whatever its worth, Chapters in Canada lists the street date for Absolute Planetary, Vol 2 as July 13, 2010. They normally get graphic novels 1-2 weeks later than the comic book stores, so figure early July.

    Take with a grain of salt, of course. Things can change.

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