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N95 8GB

Today, my new Nokia N95 8GB was delivered. About an hour after Nokia announced the N96 16GB. Ha ha ha, you juustoleipa-sucking bastards.

(Juustoleipa is a Finnish specialty — a dish of baked snot with jam. This is why Berlusconi and Chirac talk shit about Finnish cuisine. I have watched Finnish waitresses laugh as they serve it to French visitors, too.)

Things the N95 8GB immediately fails at include installing an AvantGo client (though part of that is down to the fucked way AvantGo calls connections — if I’ve got a cable in the fucking phone, use the fucking cable). Which means that, for the first time in almost a decade, I’m not going to be capturing the news with AvantGo before heading out for the day. Also, the Personal Information Manager seems to have gone. And I definitely synced a Note from the phone to the PC, but I have no idea where on the PC it’s gone. I always forget how bad the desktop experience with a Nokia is compared to the way a Palm syncs.

I’m going to be wrestling with this thing all fucking night. I got the Web Feeds working — Web Feeds is Nokia’s RSS solution, which does at least now poll the selected feeds for updates automatically. The data costs are going to be horrendous if I can’t find somewhere to drink and smoke that’s inside a wifi cloud…

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