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My Week So Far

This is journalist Laurie Penny, who was the other guest of the inaugural Outer Church community broadcast at London Fields Radio.  We were interviewed by Joseph Stannard, recent Guest Informant and vicar of the Outer Church parish, on Tuesday afternoon.

By “interviewed,” I mean that they gave Laurie and I a steady stream of coffee and we basically talked Joe’s ear off for hours.  I believe the recording will be made available on London Fields’ Radio’s Mixcloud page towards the end of the month.  So you too can hear Laurie explain how I ruined her life.

In other news, I received the following shot in email from Michael Avon Oeming the other day.


It’s very probably got something to do with this and this and this.

And my final issue of SECRET AVENGERS came out.  I have no future new* comics work planned at present.  Which is weird.

*  just finishing off a couple of things.

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