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  1. I love that sign

  2. David Cutler David Cutler

    I thought I saw this posted here before, but I guess it popped up somewhere else.

  3. Mike Hoye Mike Hoye

    That really should read “Due to a shortage of humans…”. Because, really, that’s the state of the technology right now.

  4. Aron Nemeth Aron Nemeth

    Google is an evil thing. Indeed. Another myth in ruins. Expression used for search: “Due to the shortage of humans”, earliest reference of the abovementioned sentence may be found here: . And yes, may also be found via “Due to a shortage of humans”.
    Beer has been added to this human brain for results.

    Please don’t abuse me.

    I love the sign, yes.

  5. Chris Doring Chris Doring

    I really, really want that on a t-shirt.
    “My Robot brain needs beer”

  6. Pat Pat

    My artist friend with infinatly more talent than I has made a version of this that now hangs in the kitchen of my movie theatre, hes posted it on his livejournal….

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