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My Intrepid Readers

I can’t use this as a station ident image, for reasons that will become clear when you read the related post, but this is an example of the sort of mail I’m getting today.


Hi Warren

Here’s a photo of an apple I used as a ball gag.
If you use it and wanna pimp me out, my website is so very not safe for work ;)
twitter: @daisydanger

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  1. Christopher Christopher

    Doctor Who finale to be NSFW, turns out crack in time was caused by a different sort of ‘big bang’.

  2. This experiment must be going very well, then, if this is an example of a reject. I’m really looking forward to the guest station idents, now.

  3. icelandbob icelandbob


  4. I can’t help but think about the “cracks” on the new season of Dr. Who when I see the teeth marks.

  5. Doctor Who reference for the win!!

  6. I just had to explain to my brother why I’m reading something called “Six stories about anal sex.”

    It’s his own damn fault for lurking over my shoulder while I internet.

  7. You never fail to send along some refreshing and optimistic imagery for the day (or, in this case, for the night). *gone to google ball gag – I mean, I understand a gag, but how do you gag the…?”

  8. Gregor Gregor

    Damn, Doctor Who was also my first thought until I saw the text.

  9. Ok, someone show me what y’all are talking about with the Dr. Who reference. I’ve only seen a few episodes!

  10. Rob Rob

    Watch the latest series,Daisy.

  11. v v

    Funny – the first thing I thought of was the Hitchhiker’s Guide ‘Don’t Panic’ happy face. Which may also be appropriate in some twisted way…

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