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Missing Dog In Hollywood

Yeah, I know. But here’s the thing. My friend Zoetica Ebb and her boyfriend were in a bad car accident a little over a week ago, and Zo’s tiny, weird dog Moo was in the car with them. In the post-crash chaos, Moo, unharmed, freaked out and legged it. And hasn’t been seen since. Zo’s been putting up fliers all over town for a week, but the local cleaning teams have been taking them down again. On top of that, some sick fucks have been sending her on wild goose chases.

If you’re in the area, go here for details, and here to grab the PDF of the flier. There’s a reward for a safely returned weird-looking little dogthing.

I’d appreciate any help you can give. Because the dog has probably hooked up with other dogs and we could be mere weeks away from some kind of dog insurrection.

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