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Me And Video Games

I’ve written two released videogames to date, and have consulted on a couple of others (the last one having been just a couple of months ago, and I’m still under NDA).

Video games are a lot of fun to consult and script-doctor on. Creation without responsibility for actually having to make my bullshit work. For these two games, I created complete backstories, the overall plot structures, dozens of lines of dialogue and wrote the animatic cut-scenes. So here’s a couple of non-volatile informational links on the two games, and into the FAQ this goes…

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  1. Hostile Waters was a fine game.

  2. shawn shawn

    where’s the links?

  3. G. Rocco G. Rocco

    I didnt knew cold winter. Maybe i will get it and give it a try.

  4. Gosh darnit! Now I’ll have to go and by me a PC and a PS2… (just when I was starting to amass enough to feed the lil’ one (the cat that is).

  5. Rob Greensmith Rob Greensmith

    Hostile Waters, a great game! Plus, it has Doctor Who and Blakes 7 in the same studio!

    I seem to recall you also did some publicity for it which I think (although I may be wrong,) included a TV interview on a pier or something like that

  6. Not a pier. I think it was a bar.

  7. Rob Greensmith Rob Greensmith

    you wore great shades

  8. I think maybe it wasn’t me, then.

  9. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    I bow down before your superior recollection

    I wonder if its on youtube

  10. tangerinealtoid tangerinealtoid

    Why is the Ellis-God working on games for last-generation systems? Where is the Warren Ellis-plotted XBOX360 RPG based on Desolation Jones? I want to play a 3rd person game where you can kill your opponents with eye-gouging.

  11. Jasper Jasper

    Tang, at a glance, these games were put out in 2001 and February-ish 2005 respectively; also, what’s the next gen of a PC?

  12. MrPerson MrPerson

    Haven’t tried any of those. Of course, Cold Winter is the only one I -could- try since I don’t trust my laptop for gaming, and I’ve never been an FPS enthusiast. Hmmm. Reviews seem to indicate that the plot is, indeed, pretty good, though!

    You should try Fahrenheit. Fun game that concentrates on telling a story without making the game uninteresting.

  13. corbenfrost corbenfrost

    Hostile Waters was fucking awesome, and I just picked up cold fear. You left the ending open for a sequel in hostile waters though, did you ever plan to write another one?

  14. J. J.

    I still see Hostile Waters in the big old shineboxes they used to have for games at Half Price Books.

  15. Hostile Waters was a fine game. Were you at all involved in the decision to get Tom Baker for the narrator? I played this years ago and had no idea you’d done it.

  16. The Scrunge The Scrunge

    I am still playing Hostile Waters – Its fantastic, its not a FPS, its more of a RTS, with the option of taking direct control over the units you command…it will run on anything above a Pentium III..I heartily recommend it. Of course hearing Paul Darrow and Tom Baker (and I think Glynis Barber from Dempsey and makepeace) is an added Bonus!!

  17. Hostile Waters was superb – I had just started my art career when it came out. It was a shame Rage couldn’t have marketed it more aggressively, but that’s life.

  18. NDA breaker NDA breaker

    Hm, does that(those) NDA(s) end anytime soon? We fuckin’ need something interesting to write about these days…

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