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Marvel Anime: WOLVERINE

This is the first of the two teaser pieces shown at San Diego on Friday. This is the test animation for the WOLVERINE anime series I’m writing, produced for the south east Asian market. Note test animation: it’s intended to show off the style of the piece only. Nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation. The story itself will be loosely based on the WOLVERINE miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s. This animation was directed by the legendary Rintaro, I believe.

It’s a little…different.

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  1. Mike Black Mike Black

    Part of me really wants a Wolvemullet now.

    Slick animation, Madhouse always puts out fantastic work.

  2. Butoh Butoh

    Really don’t know if I like it or not, but it sure is damn impressive. Hope you do a good job.

  3. Needs more slow motion. :cough:

  4. Chris Chris

    Wolverine’s new mutant power is a super mullet?

    Different is definitely the word.

  5. Art style reminds me of Ninja Scroll. The same people who made the Animatrix movie where the girl fights the traitor inside the matrix in a samurai setting.

    But much, much sharper, looks like Spriggan.

    And yes, that’s high praise, for both of the mentions. Very sharp, shows strength both in technique and in concept-art.
    Now just need the story to be good, and it’ll be great :)

  6. Hey, whadda ya know, they’re the ones who made Ninja Scroll :)

  7. Burke Burke

    Gah, I really, really dislike the character design. Wolverine as a tall-lanky-supermullet? Bleh. I know the story is in good hands, but man the char design is a poor fit for the character.

  8. Gregory Gregory

    Sadly I think Madhouse do everything that is wrong with modern Anime in their work; I know that puts me in the minority when it comes to people who watch Anime (self selection bias much fans?).

    I just couldn’t watch that, it’s painful to see what they did with that.

    I’m sad – because I’m sure your writing is worthy of a better visual treatment.

  9. That’s hilarious. Unintentionally so, I imagine, but I nearly choked on my martini when I saw the anime incarnation of Wolverine.

  10. Andy Andy

    it’s still kinda right though… add some tattoos, give him a mohican, and shift the middle claw to the inside of his wrists and you have a dead ringer for Daken, son of Wolverine:)

  11. Sara Sara

    The animation is glorious, but the character design does clash badly with the character. I appreciate that the Japanese market probably won’t go for a rather hairy hero built like a cinder block… but surely there’s some middle ground that isn’t so laughably bad for the character?

  12. Well, it’s made for the SE Asian market, so the difference make sense.
    A different culture leads to a different style of idealised masculinity.
    I will look forward to this with glee.

    Now, can we convince the BBC to make a japanese (or HK or Indian) Dr Who?

  13. Tula Tula

    I’m impressed by the animation itself. Not so much for the character design. Wolverine should NOT look like the lead singer of an emo rock band.

  14. Constantine Constantine

    Emo nothing, he looks likes he ready to front a Mountain cover band in a bar.

  15. It honestly strikes me as terrible. Not because of the character design, I can stomach that without much trouble- it’s the action. Wolverine is the last character I would portray this way, floating through the air and daintily sweeping his claws about.

  16. MrImagination MrImagination


    that’s not wolverine it’s some guy with razor claws…
    nothing else about him is wolverine.

  17. C0nt1nu1ty C0nt1nu1ty

    no….no that doesnt work at all
    Iron Man yes but Logan is very specific in how he looks, relativly wide, not to tall and with a specific hair cut, that guy looks like an extra from Tokyo Babilon or something even with the blades

  18. […] präsentierte am Freitag die ersten Trailer zu ihren beiden Anime-Projekten. So versucht Marvel nun Wolverine und auch Iron Man ins Animekleid zu stecken um den Markt noch mehr abzugrasen. Die Trailer sind […]

  19. Kardiak Kardiak

    We’ve been seeing the same rendition of wolverine over and over again since he debuted in the comics… he’s been around for 30+ years you, yet, the second someone tries to offer their own take, or rendition, on a character, loser fanboys cry that it’s not exactly like the only rendition of the story they’ll ever agree on… which is… i dunno really…

    I thought that was friggin awesome and I can’t wait to see what they do with this.

    it’s kinda like spider man… they cried about the red and blue being not spidery enough… then they cried when they introduced the black suit, because it wasn’t the red and blue… then they cried when they brought the red and blue back because the black was cool! rediculous… just shut up and watch… or don’t

  20. Derek Derek

    While at first glance the design disappointed me, but from a cultural standpoint Wolverine has always had aspects of the classic short, dark, and neurotic anime hero. I’ll give it a chance!

  21. […] and although Wolverine looks a bit funky, the vibe is just brutal. Ellis did also say that “nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation” and it’s just test animation “intended to show off the style of the piece […]

  22. the look is very disapointing to me. The lanky/slender style (the vampire hunter d, hellsing type) of animation does not lend itself well wolverine. Perhaps ironman would be better suited for that look.

  23. I also found the action sequence itself to be very lackluster. All you see is wolverine flying around like someone from crouching tiger hidden dragon. And all you see him do with his claws is wave them about a little bit with tracers. very disappointing- Action from the first wolverine anime should be jaw dropping. They should save the artsy sh** for the OAV

  24. Dave Dave

    Terrible animation and even worse character design. That’s not Wolverine at all. Pass.

  25. golden_avenger golden_avenger

    This will FAIL miserably…Iron man will do great, i’m saying it now, but this wolverine anime may get some fans in asia, but as for the US, it will be a complete bomb…mark my words. It would be better if they did a re-design closer to the character if this is even going to gain interest in the US.

  26. the  creed the creed

    fuck you all it’s way better than the Original

  27. superfan superfan

    Not crazy about this look for Wolverine, but it’s just test stuff. I reserve judgement for the final designs………………..That said I’ll buy it no matter what with Ellis in on it.

  28. this person this person

    At this point I’m game for anything, bring on the the young punk wolverine.
    wonder if some of his typical “slash each other” pals from marvel will cross over in new forms (sabertooth, cyber, deathstrike, etc)

  29. DMS DMS

    No, just no.
    Call him The Great Clawed Ninja and I might watch it..but if you`re going to have Wolverine in it, get his aspect right! No amount of Claremont and Miller material will EVER get me to come within 2 inches of …this! :(

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