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Malkovich RED

The next RED poster.

John Malkovich is actually the sweetest guy on earth. So utterly not what you’d expect. Meeting him is one of my fondest memories from my set visit. Just a lovely bloke. Not that I’d want to be anywhere near him if he had a gun in his hand, mind you.


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  1. I may have to hound my local theater to get copies of these posters when they’re done with them.

  2. Chris G Chris G

    I love how the tagline goes with their real names as if to say “John Malkovich likes shooting things and doesn’t get out much…also this movie is called RED”

  3. Zo Zo


  4. This is too great.

  5. Drax Drax

    Unquestionably the best poster of the three! This one is RED HOT!

  6. Owen Owen

    Does that make it a Morgan Freeman poster to come? I kinda feel sorry for the Bruce Willis poster, it seems like it has to be the straitlaced one to the others’ menagerie of maniacs.

  7. If I had a child and I wanted it to grow up awesome, I would paper its bedroom walls with these.

  8. I hope the studio does the right thing and sends you a set of the actual posters.

  9. James James

    The Helen Mirren post was great, but this is my favorite so far. The image and the tagline are just a perfect combination for hilarity.

  10. Dear God (if that’s your real name) if I promise to be very very er, um, good, can i please have one night of Texas Holdem with Warren Ellis, John Malkovich, Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood?

  11. paria angel paria angel


  12. /d /d

    Just like Dangerous Liaisons, really.

    So so so looking forward to watching this.

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